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The electric vehicle market is worth a potential £1 trillion, but a lack of public charging points means it’s just not happening. Connected Kerb have the products and the experience to solve this problem with an advanced, low-cost residential street charging system. We’re here to help councils and developers kickstart the EV revolution.

Key Features

Residential Charging Point

Residential charging point

Connected Kerb_5g

Data connectivity between vehicle and home via 5G

Connected Kerb - Forest

Low cost, low impact

Connected Kerb_ Incognito

Anonymous data exchange

Connected Kerb - recycle
Made from recycled materials.
Connected Kerb_IoT

Promotes IoT connectivity

Connected Kerb_ renewable energy

Powered by renewable energy

Traffic and environmental sensors

Provides new EV infrastructure
and ultra fast wifi

Let’s get connected

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For Councils
For Developers