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The future of mobility is connected

Everything we do is data connected

We believe that the transition to an electric transport ecosystem is well underway, however this ecosystem will differ profoundly from the one we know today. Different vehicles, different technologies, different means of using power to drive multi-modal, sustainable and emission-free transport. We also know that these new transport paradigms will need more than energy to drive them; data will enable the future of transport and that’s why everything we do is data connected.

We’re a little different from the rest…

What differentiates us from traditional charge point vendors is that our technology is a two-part solution. Our smart cities system is comprised of a Power & Data Pack that is sunk beneath the pavement and housed in a protective steel box, and the visible, above-ground charge point socket. The subterranean componentry provides access to both power and data, which enables an array of different hardware and software products.

Today, this means that we can support EV charge point technologies, environmental and air quality management sensors, parking management sensors and varied payment platforms. Tomorrow, these same smart city boxes will power the data needed to drive advanced mobility and transportation technologies.

Bedford - Car Charging DH

Our focus

Our technology proposition is aimed at a very specific part of the electric vehicle charge point market; long-dwell charging.

Our focus is on providing convenient charge point infrastructure anywhere people will park for a long period of time; whether at work, at home, staying overnight in a hotel, leisure parks, etc.

Long-dwell charging is crucial to promoting and accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles at the rate required.

Connectivity is key

From start to finish, we use data to ensure the success of our solutions:

  • Data science, artificial intelligence and data analytics are utilised to identify prospective charge point locations that are best-aligned to support the growth of EV use and ownership.
  • Our charge points are enabled with broadband and 5G connectivity, so from the day the charge point goes live, it’s connected to support a host of hardware and software applications, IoT sensors and data-driven transport and mobility applications.
  • Our own advanced software platforms manage our smart node networks, optimising energy usage, ensuring reliability and accessibility, and enabling different business use cases. Our consumer applications for smart phones provide a flexible, compelling and easy-to-use set of features to support your own customers.
Connectivity is key

Flexible products, consistent performanceProducts

The Gecko

Creatively designed to fit to existing street furniture, such as parking posts or bollards, the Gecko connects either as a singular, or paired socket, to a subterranean master charger unit, monitoring and controlling power flow to the socket and vehicle. Our lowest visual impact solution, it is perfectly suited to on-street residential landscapes where its sympathetic design blends discretely into the established street scene.

The Limpet

Our newest wall-mounted solution, the Limpet is made from recycled tyres and is designed to fit onto existing wall structures, connected in clusters of 5-10 sockets to a wall-mounted master charger unit, monitoring and controlling power flow to the socket and vehicle. Durable, discrete and environmentally sympathetic, it is best suited for public / private below-ground and multi-storey car parks where ground-mounted solutions are less appropriate.

The Armadillo

Our original pioneer product, the Armadillo is made from recycled vehicle tyres, ensuring minimal environmental impact and maximum durability, hence, its namesake which in Spanish translates to “little armoured one”. Aesthetically it is sympathetic to the existing physical landscape where it is deployed, minimising additional visual disruption.

Ready to make the switch to EV but can't charge at home?Let's crowdsource it!

Yes! Our vision is EV access for all, which is why our solution can be tailored for those without a driveway or the capacity to charge at home. If you'd like the convenience of home charging on your streets: Fill up the form and spread the word: the more requests, the more hope for greener streets!

Let's crowdsource on-street charging!