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 When petrol and diesel vehicles - or internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE) - park in spaces intended for electric vehicles, this is commonly referred to as ICEing.

This can be very frustrating for Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers intending to charge their vehicles. The term can also be applied in cases where EV or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) take up these valuable spaces with no intention of charging. It is essential that nobody gets left behind on your EV journey which is why we aim to support EV users without driveways or the capacity to charge their vehicle at home.

With patchy traffic regulation enforcement across the country, we would be happy to support the local community by reporting instances to the local council.


Help us identify which bays are being being ICEed

Complete the following form to let us know what issues are occurring and we will inform your local authority. 


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