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Simple & transparent pricing

  • We charge no membership or connection fees.
  • The price per kWh from 1 June 2022 is 35p (VAT included).
  • How is this calculated?
    Simple: the combination of power and our fee is the tariff that you will pay per kWh. 
    A small fee is agreed on a case-by-case basis with our clients (i.e. local authorities, workplaces, etc.) on top of the per kWh power price that we are charged by the power provider. 

 EV charging point locator

   At present we have live chargers at 300 sites across the UK 

    New partnerships for 10,000 chargers in 2021 with a further 30,000 chargers are expected to conclude next year.

    Our electric vehicle charging locator gives you an indication of where you can find us near you.

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Driver FAQs

How do I charge my vehicle?

Watch this video on how to use a Connected Kerb charging point.



What cables do I need?

You need your own cable with a Type 2 connector.

Where can I access my balance and charging history?

Account balance and charges can be viewed in the app menu, under “Balance” and “Charging History”, respectively.

What speed are the chargers?

The charging speed is 7kW or 22kW. 

How long will it take to charge my car?

Please note: the time it takes to charge depends on the car battery size which can vary greatly.
Our 7kW chargers can take on average 9-10 hours to fully charge, while our 22kW will take around 4-5 hours.

What do I do if I encounter a problem with the charging point / session?

Please call our customer support at 0800 0291 696 or via email at support@smartkerb.com, we will be happy to assist. Most problems encountered can be fixed remotely.

What do I do if there’s a petrol or diesel car blocking the charging space?

  • Please note that many of our charging points are not EV dedicated bays. These decisions are made by our clients, i.e. local authorities.
  • However, we welcome feedback and monitor bays being occupied to share the information with the councils who can in turn decide to block these bays to petrol or diesel cars.
  • Please call us at 0800 0291 696 or email us at support@smartkerb.com to report any occurrence. 

What do I do if I find a charge point has been damaged or vandalised?

Please call our customer support at 0800 0291 696 in the first instance with the charging point number and a picture, if possible. We will be happy to assist.

What is an RFID card and how do I use it?

You will have used RFID cards, more commonly known as a swipe card, many times before such as when entering hotel rooms or maybe a place of work. Supermarket store cards are also RFID cards. If you have one, just register it via the Connected Kerb app. Follow these easy steps to register and assign your own card to your account.


Registered RFID cards can then be used to initiate a charge at any of our charging points which is particularly useful when you might have no service on your phone to use our app, such as in an underground car park.


You can only top up through the Connected Kerb app which we encourage you to use for all your charging needs in order to get the best charging experience.

How can I get an RFID card?

RFID cards can be requested by clients / employers for their staff/employees. 

What should I do if I lose my RFID Card?

Go to “Menu” in the app, top left corner, go to RFID Cards and disable your lost card. You can then self-register an RFID card in the same menu.

How do I cancel my account?

Tap drop down menu icon, top left corner of the app, then tap your account name, scroll down and tap “Remove account”. 
We would be sorry to see you leave and always welcome feedback. Please do not hesitate to call us at 0800 0291 696 or email us at support@smartkerb.com.

How can I monitor the air quality in my neighbourhood?

You can visit this page: https://airly.org/map/en/

Where can I read your Terms and Conditions?

You can access our Terms and Conditions here:

Terms and Conditions

Connected Kerb signs up to become new Zap-Pay partner

We have now joined Zap-Pay, the simple way to pay for EV charging across networks from within the Zap-Map app. Connected Kerb will become the eighth charge point operator to be added to Zap-Pay. 


Ready to make the switch to EV but can't charge at home?Let's crowdsource it!

Yes! Our vision is EV access for all, which is why our solution can be tailored for those without a driveway or the capacity to charge at home. If you'd like the convenience of home charging on your streets: Fill in the form and spread the word: the more requests, the more hope for greener streets!

Let's crowdsource on-street charging!