From 2040, all new vehicles sold in the UK will need to be zero emission vehicles. This change will bring key benefits for the whole of the country, including reduced pollution, improved air quality and quieter streets which in turn will lead to better health for all of us, and importantly, a greener, more sustainable environment for future generations.

Trial scheme details

The trial will start on 1 May 2020 and run for six months, end date being 30 September 2020. There will be two available vehicles that we will rotate each month (two drivers per month, 12 drivers total).

Driver qualification criteria

A named Driver must meet the following criteria, anything outside will have to be referred to the insurer:

  • Drivers aged between 25 – 85 years of age.
  • Full UK/EU Driving Licence: 3 years.
  • Resident in the UK: 2 years.
  • Automatic-only licence holders are eligible.
  • No more than 6 penalty points in last 3 years (minor convictions).
  • All major motoring convictions must be referred.
  • Not banned within the last 5 years.
  • No more than 1 fault claim within the last 3 years.
  • All criminal convictions must be referred.

To be eligible the Driver must not:

  • Have been refused motor vehicle insurance or continuance thereof.
  • Have suffered from any disability or medical condition which has not been notified to the DVLA or which has been notified and resulted in the refusal of a driving licence.
  • Have during the last 5 years been convicted of or has a pending prosecution for any offence or combination of offences which resulted in or may result in more than 6 penalty points the Driver’s driving licence or which resulted in or may result in a loss of licence or suspension or ban from driving.
  • Have during the last 10 years been convicted of or has a pending prosecution for any criminal offence
Do you comply with the above criteria?