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A low impact solution for all

The future of electric vehicle charging will happen on urban residential streets. Here’s how it will work.

Residential Charging Point

Nearly half of all vehicle owners – 43% – do not have a driveway, which is why,we at Connected Kerb believe the future of electric vehicle charging will be focused on urban residential streets. Current fossil fuel forecourts will not be able to cope with expected demand and, as demand for charging increases, the UK power network will not be able to sustain a rapid charging solution for all.

The only viable option is a low power, low cost, low impact residential solution which can be rolled out nationally.

The UK power network cannot currently cope with a mass rollout of rapid chargers. Whilst rapid chargers have their place, the average time to charge is 30 minutes and the existing UK infrastructure for powering vehicles simply does not have the forecourt space to cope with multiple vehicles charging at any one time. This applies going forward too, based on the expected speeds of rapid charging over the next 20 years.

The current providers of on-street charging solutions have experienced many roadblocks to their solutions, not least cost.

The only viable solution is a rollout of a residential on street charging network.


Low Cost Low Impact

Connected Kerb - Forest

Our experience of working with local councils means we understand the importance of reducing street clutter. The Connected Kerb Armadillo – our specially designed charging point  – has been sympathetically designed to accommodate this requirement.

Armadillo low_cost_low_impact

Made from Recycled Materials

Connected Kerb - recycle

At Connected Kerb one of our key values is sustainability, and the Connected Kerb Armadillo is manufactured from recycled tyres and plastics. Even during the construction phase of the rollout we will use recycled aggregates.

Powered by renewable energy

Connected Kerb_ renewable energy

Connected Kerb is speaking to a number of suppliers of renewable energy. It’s our goal to power all of our charge points via renewable sources.

Ultra fast wifi

Each charge point will provide wireless data communication with data speeds of up to 350Mb/sec – enabling future autonomous vehicles to download their data on the go or when they recharge.

Pedestrians and passengers will also be able to download data at ultra fast speeds.

5G data Connectivity

Connected Kerb_5g

When 5G is commercially available, Connected Kerb will create an on-street 5G network, where every Connected Kerb Armadillo will become a 5G access point. The 5G network will be supported by a fibre backbone that will already be in place, allowing the speedy adoption of 5G in residential environments, from car to street to pedestrian to house.


Anonymous Data Exchange

Connected Kerb_ Incognito

Connect Kerb recognises users’ privacy and how valuable their own data is to them. We are creating a safe, secure network where users will ‘own’ their own data. Every user will have a secure data silo, a little like a digital safety deposit box, that will contain all user and transaction data; we’ll offer users control over how their data is shared, used and monetised.

Promotes Internet of  IoT Connectivity

Connected Kerb_IoT

Connected Kerb is the UKs first charging infrastructure company to incorporate an ultra fast data communication network that provides connectivity between vehicle, house and user. This new technology is a patent pending solution that also incorporates blockchain technology to provide a secure communications platform for the EV ecosystem.


Traffic and Environmental sensors

The Connected Kerb Armadillo is fitted with air quality, proximity sensors and temperature gauges which will feedback to a centralised system providing real time data on traffic, weather and air conditions on a localised basis.

Let’s get connected

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