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Asset - Gecko - Bollard car park -Dec-11-2020-12-46-06-12-PM

Webinar: the Ministry of Justice, the fleet that’s charging ahead

Find out how the Ministry of Justice has migrated their fleet to EV with future-proof charging solutions from procurement to installation.

HIGH RES - Gecko Street - Beige Wall

EVs: From early adopters to mainstream buyers

This report highlights the current inadequacy of EV charging infrastructure & provides insight into what future charging infrastructure can look like to maximise EV uptake.

Asset - Gecko - Bollard car park -Dec-11-2020-12-46-06-12-PM

Webinar: EV Charging infrastructure, a path to electrifying rural areas

Find out how your council can lead the UK’s EV charging revolution, from procurement to installation, with the Kent Council webinar.


Minimising the environmental impact

EVs are a green technology. EV chargers should be too. Considering the benefits of an EV driving nation, rolling out the enabling charging infrastructure is an environmental no-brainer.