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Additional unique featuresReduce additional visual disruption


Best suited to on-street and long-dwell charging.


Which will feedback to a centralised system to provide real-time data on traffic, weather, and air conditions on a localised basis.

The ChameleonOverview

The Chameleon is a new bollard-style charging point from Connected Kerb, designed and manufactured right here in the UK. It is one of the lowest impact and smallest dual charger solutions for public on-street charging in the market. It can also be deployed by residential and commercial developers, workplace managers and fleet operators.

The Chameleon is simple to install and is available as a single or dual charge socket in both 7kw and 22kw.

As a flagship product for Connected Kerb, the Chameleon will strengthen the company’s position in the local authority space by offering first-class visual appeal and outlasting other public charging points in the EV industry.

The Chameleon is compatible with Connected Kerb’s existing enabling infrastructure with intuitive design and AC capabilities that aim to provide a seamless user experience for newbie and seasoned EV users alike.

Our approach

Key features of the Chameleon


Strong visual appeal

Inconspicuous design blends into surrounding street scene



Manufactured in the UK, reducing air miles in manufacturing. High use of recyclable materials and recycled steel delivers on environmental credentials.


Data connectivity 

The Connected Kerb system can also be fitted with street level 5G repeater units, supported by our fibre backbone and facilitating the swift adoption of 5G in residential environments, from car to street to pedestrian to house.


Traffic and environmental sensors

IoT (Internet of Things) sensors providing surrounding environmental data, such as air quality data, temperature and parking bay occupancy.



Modular design facilitates easy maintenance future upgrades and reduces need for additional ground excavation



Durable design and lack of electromagnetic components mean it will last beyond most on-street charging points.

Happy face@4x-2

Multiple users

Dual socket means one post can cater for two users.

Electric Car@4x

Low noise

Suitable for residential street scene.

Wind Turbine@4x

Resistant to extreme temperatures

Used at -20 to +40oC

Frequently asked questionsFAQs

How are the Connected Kerb charge points ‘future-proof’?

The Connected Kerb Armadillo consists of two components:  
  • Above the ground: a socket (in this case the Armadillo) which the EV charging cable plugs into 
  • Underneath the ground: a power and data pack, installed within a protective steel box, which delivers the charge and can host sensors and future charging solutions, such as wireless / inductive charging  
The Armadillo design is intended to help maximise the life of the charge point by: 
  • Protecting vulnerable electronic components in the underground box 
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Passive infrastructure can be activated later when demand soars without further need for disruptive construction and additional materials

Are Connected Kerb charge points rapid, fast or slow?

Our charge points are up to 7kW and are classified as slow - fast chargers, they’re designed specifically for areas where dwell time is long.

What are the benefits of slow charging?

Slow charging places less stress on the vehicle’s battery and the electrical grid. It's also a 'quicker', more convenient way to charge if you know your dwell time is going to be significant. For example, plugging in when you get home in the evenings, going about your nightly routine, waking up in the morning with a charged car and no need to hang around waiting at a destination or fast charger.

What does smart charging involve?

Smart charging uses load balancing to determine the correct power distribution to prevent any potential overload to the electrical grid.