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Save time and moneyConfigure your charge to suit you


Best suited to commercial, residential and long-dwell charging.

Access Control

Includes NFC (“smart card”) and app authorisation, and full control by the backend. User can configure the access to their charger(s) from basic unrestricted, to higher levels of control.

The ScarabOverview

The Scarab is our wall-mounted charging point designed for residential and commercial installations such as car parks.

The chargers can be controlled remotely, automatically and are designed with a robust cabinet made of recycled plastic, providing protection from harsh weather conditions and accidental impact.

Easy setup and maintenance are guaranteed by a modular front cover which enables servicing essential connections without exposing the entire unit.

OZEV approved and comes with a 3-year warranty.  

Please note this product is not for direct sale to individual consumers.



Frequently asked questionsFAQs

Are Connected Kerb charge points rapid, fast or slow?

Our charge points are up to 7kW and are classified as slow - fast chargers, they’re designed specifically for areas where dwell time is long.

What are the benefits of slow charging?

Slow charging places less stress on the vehicle’s battery and the electrical grid. It's also a 'quicker', more convenient way to charge if you know your dwell time is going to be significant. For example, plugging in when you get home in the evenings, going about your nightly routine, waking up in the morning with a charged car and no need to hang around waiting at a destination or fast charger.

What does smart charging involve?

Smart charging uses load balancing to determine the correct power distribution to prevent any potential overload to the electrical grid.