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Electric car charging points for developers 

With our EV charging solutions for new build developments, you can:

Hit your Net Zero goals 

  • Install long-life residential and home electric chargers(>10 y) that are manufactured using recycled materials.
  • Create a modern residential development with cleaner air and reduced noise, making your site more attractive to residents.
  • Applying our green credentials and smart design to meet and exceed planning requirements, with limited cost and the avoidance of future disruption or costs. 
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Increase your residents' satisfaction

  • 46% of the adult population would be more likely to make the switch to electric cars if they had access to EV chargers at home or at work.
  • While for current EV owners, 67% would not have bought an EV if they did not have access to overnight charging.
  • Offering electric vehicle charging in your new development that is in increasing demand can help future residents choose your development.
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Generate new revenue streams and faster ROI

  • Leverage our bespoke charging solutions which have different levels of access available (admin, residents & visitor profiles, etc.) and the ability to set multiple tariff layers and priorities therefore helping you to receive a new income from your investment and a faster ROI. 
  • Our expert staff can guide you through different pricing and tariff options for our residential and home electric car charging points.

Why Connected Kerb?

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Our EV charging solution fully supports:

  • On-plot (driveways)
  • Off-plot (dedicated)
  • Off-plot (visitor) 
  • Open communal car parks  
  • Underground car parks
  • Mixed use (residential & commercial)
  • Individual home electric car charging 

Future-proof, flexible & scalable infrastructure 

  • Passive charging infrastructure (nodes and ducting) is installed on day one, which is activated as demand rises with no need for additional construction and consequently minimal  disruption to residents. 
  • Flexible and adaptive to both rising demand and new technologies.
  • Our system also supports Internet of Things  technologiesd, such as air quality or traffic sensors  and can be added with ease when required.

Hassle-free solution

  • From identifying your development's needs to creating and delivering a bespoke solution that will meet your objectives, we will guide you through each stage of installing electric vehicle charging points . 
  • Your time is invaluable and we bring our expertise in everything from design reviews & site surveys, to installation, maintenance, engagement with your residents, unit management so you can focus on your business.
  • Our advanced software ensures your charging network is automatically monitored 24/7providing market leading up-times and allowing issues to be resolved immediately and remotely, therefore supporting your EV drivers to have a hassle-free charging experience.  
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Power & grid management  

  • Our chargers' advanced load management capabilities minimise the need for future upgrades and the costs associated with this.   
  • Dynamic load management (DLM) capabilities ensure electricity is distributed in the most efficient way, from both an environmental and economic perspective, across the EV charging points.
  • Smart charging algorithms and load management systems ensure all charging solutions offer the optimum amount of charge to each vehicle, accounting for everything from high priority requests and sudden changes in tariffs to changes in capacity and the availability of green energy and give residents access to renewable tariffs.


Customised reporting

  • Our automated, on-demand reporting allows you to have a full view on charging sessions and the data that matters to your organisation. 
  • With our consolidated billing system, you can easily manage access and usage. 

Your purchase options


Connected Kerb funding options

  • Connected Kerb can offer funding, leasing, financing and profit/revenue share options to make the switch as convenient as possible.
  • Our seasoned team will leverage their expertise to give reliable ROI and revenue generation analysis; together we will find the right funding option for you.
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Government grants for electric car charging points

  • We can provide guidance with applying for the government's OZEV grants. 
  • OZEV WCS - Workplace Charging Scheme offers up to £350 per socket off the installation of commercial EV chargers for up to 40 sockets per business. 
  • OZEV EVHS - Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme allows drivers (including Fleet and Company Car drivers) to claim up to £350 off the installation of a charge point at their home. 

Gecko, Bollard Charging Point

Wichelstowe Case Study with Barratt Dev.

The  project is a joint venture between Swindon Borough Council & Barratt Dev. that will see 3,000 new homes built over the next 20 years, future-proofed for mass uptake of electric vehicles. 

Gecko Bollard Charging Point

Charging smarter with load balancing & management

How do you ensure that EVs get the charge they need, every timeWith a little over a quarter of a million electric vehicles on the road, this may not be a problem that keeps you awake... yet.

Gecko Bollard Charging Point

Transition with the right EV charging points

No one-size-fits-all EV charge point solution exists: ensure your solution offers maximum value & convenience, by considering the people who will be using it and what their needs are

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Flexible products, consistent performanceProducts

The Gecko

Creatively designed to fit to existing street furniture, such as parking posts or bollards, the Gecko connects either as a singular, or paired socket, to a subterranean master charger unit, monitoring and controlling power flow to the socket and vehicle. Our lowest visual impact solution, it is perfectly suited to on-street residential landscapes where its sympathetic design blends discretely into the established street scene.

The Limpet

Our newest wall-mounted solution, the Limpet is made from recycled tyres and is designed to fit onto existing wall structures, connected in clusters of 5-10 sockets to a wall-mounted master charger unit, monitoring and controlling power flow to the socket and vehicle. Durable, discrete and environmentally sympathetic, it is best suited for public / private below-ground and multi-storey car parks where ground-mounted solutions are less appropriate.

The Armadillo

Our original pioneer product, the Armadillo is made from recycled vehicle tyres, ensuring minimal environmental impact and maximum durability, hence, its namesake which in Spanish translates to “little armoured one”. Aesthetically it is sympathetic to the existing physical landscape where it is deployed, minimising additional visual disruption.

Ready to make the switch to EV but can't charge at home?Let's crowdsource it!

Yes! Our vision is EV access for all, which is why our solution can be tailored for those without a driveway or the capacity to charge at home. If you'd like the convenience of home charging on your streets: Fill up the form and spread the word: the more requests, the more hope for greener streets!

Let's crowdsource on-street charging!