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The Tardis; an advanced mobility platform

We have developed a smart cities infrastructure system that enables towns and cities to pivot from ICE (internal combustion engine) to fully electric vehicles (EVs), by bringing power and data to the kerb.

Our system is a little different to your traditional EV charging solution. The system is comprised of an above-ground socket unit (either an Armadillo, Gecko or Limpet), connected to and controlled by a high quality, advanced technology, power and data pack (known as the Tardis) siting beneath the pavement surface (or in the case of the Limpet, on a wall), within a structural node box.

Sockets: The above-ground sockets are in the form of an Armadillo unit at ground level, a Gecko unit attached to a parking post, bollard or re-purposed existing street furniture, or a Limpet unit, mounted to walls or columns. The system uses Type 2 sockets, enabling charging by all car/van models in the UK. Each unit has an RFID reader on it and in the case of the Armadillo and Limpet, is made of recycled materials (approximately 3.5 recycled vehicle tyres in each Armadillo), making them highly durable and waterproof.

Power & Data Pack: Our sockets are controlled (as a master to the slave Socket) by our advanced power and data pack, nicknamed the Tardis and containing the Controller, Fuses, 30ma RCD, IoT and Connectivity components. In on-street and surface carpark settings (paired with the Armadillo or Gecko sockets), the Tardis is positioned beneath the ground within our node box, acting as a foundation for the above ground sockets and protection for the smaller waterproof power and data box. In above ground/wall mounted settings the Tardis (paired with the Limpet) is fixed to a wall, positioned within a discrete, but easily accessible electrical cabinet.

The Node Box: In on-street and surface car park settings, connected in series of between 1 and 15, to a feeder pillar (providing connection to power and telecoms), the nodes sit flush with the surface level of the pavement /road surface and are capped by a flat structural metal plate enabling rapid access to subterranean components for maintenance, repair and upgrading.

IoT & Smart Cities Technology: Our charging infrastructure acts as a neutral host, or infrastructure backbone to multiple IoT platforms. As standard, we pair the deployment of charging infrastructure with parking, temperature and air quality sensors. Our vision for the next 12 months is to create an on-street 5G network, where every one of our charge points will become a 5G access point. The 5G network will be supported by our fibre backbone, allowing the swift adoption of 5G in residential environments, from car to street to pedestrian to house. This network will enable future autonomous vehicles to download their data on the go or when they recharge.

This award-winning system, combined with our innovative approach to phasing and future-proofing our deployments, delivers smart, environmentally sensitive and economically attractive kerbside charging and smart cities technology to car parks and residential roads where off-street parking and home charging is unavailable or inaccessible.

Our system delivers:

  • Ultra-fast fibre (and 4G/5G cellular connections) to provide a fast, secure and reliable data network delivering wireless connectivity speeds up to 1Gb/s to residents and vehicles.
  • Smart IoT sensors providing surrounding environmental data, such as air quality data, temperature and parking bay occupancy.
  • Attractive, low visual impact, smart charging units manufactured in the UK from 80% recycled materials.
  • Type 2 plug socket supporting 3.5-7kW smart charging. Robust design for intensive use and efficient maintenance (30 minute repair/replacement time).
  • Easy-to-use user interface; mobile app with RFID and contact-less payment mechanisms that open the system to both the casual user and members. UK customer services call centre to manage customer support and queries.
  • Future-proofed infrastructure; long life, scalable assets, induction charging and vehicle-to-grid ready.