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Connected Kerb Wins SEAL Environmental Award

A BRITISH start-up has won one of the world’s most prestigious environmental awards alongside industry giants such as Unilever, Coca-Cola and Adidas.

Connected Kerb – which designs and installs electric vehicle charging and smart cities infrastructure– has been recognised as a global leader in sustainability and innovation.

The award was given to the firm for its unique charging points’ design, which are made from recycled materials and capable of both charging electric vehicles and supporting smart cities technology.

The technology was initially launched in Southwark as part of the Mayor of London’s Civic Innovation Award, with the company now in the process of a nationwide roll-out.

The firm is also introducing wireless charging this year across the UK, including in the Midlands and Scotland, alongside traditional plug-in charging.

Connected Kerb’s CEO, Chris Pateman-Jones said: “We are incredibly honoured to have been recognised for a SEAL Award.

“Sustainability is the core purpose of our industry, so it made sense to us to ensure that every aspect of our production and deployment reduces environmental impact wherever possible.”

Mr Pateman-Jones said that to date charging infrastructure could not be considered sustainable and that a different, more environmentally conscious approach was crucial if the take up of electric vehicles was to spread.

He added: “Most of the current generation charge points are manufactured from glossy metals and plastics and hold a typical lifespan of five to seven years. They represent a short-term fix but are simply not feasible to be deployed at the scale needed to facilitate mainstream adoption of electric vehicles.”

Mr Pateman-Jones added:“Future-proofing is vital to sustainability. Chargers need to be a long-life asset. We are installing advanced infrastructure that is flexible to new technologies when they come along, avoiding the need for additional materials and construction.”

The SEAL awards winners were announced today in the United States.

About Connected Kerb

Based in London, UK, Connected Kerb Ltd provide a smart cities platform that integrates both power and data at kerbside to support electric and autonomous vehicles, and the application of advanced IoT technologies.

Connected Kerb’s platform is innovated to empower better-connected communities, promote liveable streets, minimise environmental impact and amplify the transition to electric vehicles for all people.

About the SEAL Awards

The SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement & Leadership) Awards launched in 2017 and is an awards-drive environmental advocacy organisation. Our core beliefs maintain that environmental progress requires true leadership, leadership deserves recognition, and recognition is a form of accountability.