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Agile Streets launches in Shropshire and Hackney

The UK's first trial of public smart charging has launched in Hackney and Shropshire.

Connected Kerb Brand Ambassador Martin Offiah visited Hackney, where he grew up, and Whitchurch in Shropshire to speak to councillors and key stakeholders in the Agile Streets project which will see 100 chargers installed in streets and car parks across four areas - Hackney, Shropshire, East Lothian and Glasgow. 

Below: Martin Offiah (right) with Cllr Ian Nellins (left) and Jason Hughes of Shropshire CouncilMartin Offiah with Cllr Ian Nellins and Jason Hughes of Shropshire Council

The smart charging scheme allows users to 'charge when cheapest', that is when renewable energy such as solar and wind is in surplus, or at times of low power demand such as at night. The overall aim is to bring EV to everyone, not just the wealthy in an effort to bolster EV uptake ahead of the 2030 ban on sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles.

The pilot is sponsored by the BEIS as part of a consortia of Octopus EnergyEnergy Saving TrustSamsung ResearchPNDC and System Level Solutions

You can read more about the project and get involved at www.agilestreets.com.

Watch the Shropshire launch


Watch the Hackney launch