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Case Study: Coventry City Council


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Project Overview

Coventry City Council signed a contract with Connected Kerb for the installation of nearly 700 charging points in Coventry, the historic home of transport.

The installation comprises a mixture of single and dual Chameleon units across 50 on-street locations in the city.

The project funding is split between Connected Kerb and a grant from the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV).

The Challenge

A large number of people in Coventry live in old Victorian terrace houses and accommodation without off-street parking. Coventry City Council has been passionate about supporting residents without driveways to make the transition to EV.

Coventry and the Midlands are seen a major transport route and key to reducing CO2 emissions but charging infrastructure has been traditionally poor with low initial utilisation, and drivers sensitive to tariff levels.


The Solution

Connected Kerb offers a full turnkey service that includes funding, site selection, installation and maintenance and boasts an industry-leading uptime rate of over 99%.

On top of this, it offers customer service that really cares, with 90% of issues fixed remotely.

It also provides a thorough community engagement programme which affords opportunities for local authorities to engage with residents about forthcoming charging point installations.

Coventry represents Connected Kerb’s first major deployment of the Chameleon, our newest bollard-style charging point. It is one of the smallest, lowest impact solutions in the residential charging market.

The unit packs a lot of technology into a single post and offers a dual socket meaning more than one vehicle can charge at the same time. It also takes up 80% less volume on the street than Connected Kerb’s other charging point, the dual Gecko. Visually appealing and blending into street scenery, the Chameleon appealed to Coventry City Council for its low visual impact, fulfilling their aims to avoid street clutter.

Furthermore at under one metre tall it does not require planning permission. With great sustainability credentials – it is made of 100% recycled steel – and a unique design, the Chameleon met the key requirements of Coventry City Council.

There have also been 191 parking sensors have been installed by AppyWay that will be part of the charging network across Coventry.

We are working in partnership with them on EV Bay availability, using the parking sensors to give EV drivers more confidence about chargepoint availability in public spaces.

The Chameleon is also smart-enabled meaning it can support future technologies such as IoT, 5G and air quality sensors as tomorrow’s smart cities develop.

What they say

Shamala Evans-Gadgil, Coventry City Council:

On the Chameleon:

“We were really impressed with the Chameleon’s dual socket which here in Coventry gave us something other chargers didn’t. The innovation of the product really stands out and this will really help boost EV uptake among residents with no off-street parking. On top of that are the green credentials of the infrastructure which is really important. The fact that it blends into the environment and is made of recycled steel was a real plus.”

On Connected Kerb:

“Connected Kerb have been great to work with as a company. As well as their unrivalled expertise in charging point site selection, installation, maintenance and funding, they also offer great support in terms of marketing and communications expertise which is priceless in reaching out to local communities and educating them about the benefits of EV. They are not just about selling charging points but offer real social value in making sure nobody gets left behind in the EV transition.”

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