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Case Study: Hilton Garden Inn


Project Overview

The Hilton Garden Inn, Abingdon has signed a contract with Connected Kerb for the installation of four dual Gecko charging points. These were activated and available to use for customers and staff from day one.

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They can be easily found on the Connected Kerb app, where drivers are prompted to enter their payment details and begin a hassle-free charging session.

The Challenge

The Hilton Garden Inn Promise states: “Our goal is to make your stay better and brighter.”

It wanted to add easy-to-use charging infrastructure in line with demand, avoiding large numbers of unused charging points wherever possible but providing enough for customers and staff with electric vehicles.

The hotel also recently underwent a refurbishment after the pandemic so wanted to install charging points that were visually discrete in keeping with their new exterior.

A sustainable solution was also important to Hilton, which was the first major hotel company to establish the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.


The Solution

The Hilton Garden Inn’s car park is a ‘long-dwell’ location, that is, a place where staff and customers park their car for long periods. Connected Kerb’s convenient, affordable and sustainable electric vehicle charging solutions suits their needs perfectly.

The dual Gecko chargers blend into the surrounding environment and allow two vehicles to charge simultaneously from one unit.

The solution meets the hotel’s requirement of keeping provision aligned with demand. Although all charging points have now been activated, Connected Kerb does provide the option to install enabling infrastructure underground. The above-ground socket can be added at a later date once EV demand rises.

The charging point tariffs are affordable for hotel guests and staff by industry standards and have been added to the Hotel Garden Inn homepage as an amenity. It is the intention to get this amenity listed on sites such as booking.com and TripAdvisor to provide a unique selling point for the hotel to potential customers.

While charging through the Connected Kerb app is available for guests, an RFID card will be given to reception staff for visitors, staff and management offering flexibility in how to initiate a charging session.

Connected Kerb’s first-class project management skills has minimised disruption to the hotel’s daily operations and guest experience. They also provided a breakdown of forecasted revenue and ROI to help the hotel management build a business case.

The hotel found Connected Kerb’s offer appealing as a tool for retaining staff with an electric vehicle who otherwise may not have somewhere reliable to charge at their own home. They were also drawn to the sustainable credentials of the charging infrastructure which is made predominantly from recycled materials.

What they say

On Connected Kerb:

“As well as the low visual impact of the charging units themselves, we really liked the user-friendliness of Connected Kerb’s charging process, namely easy setup and registration. The fact that there are no upfront fees or subscription costs for our customers is also a huge bonus.”

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