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Case Study: Regents Park Terrace


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Project Overview

Regents Park Terrace is a residential grade two-listed building situated on a private road in central London. In July 2022, Connected Kerb installed four dual Gecko charging points, that is, eight on-street sockets.

The Challenge

Regents Park Terrace wanted an easy-to-use solution for several residents in the building who drive an electric vehicle but did not previously have anywhere nearby to charge their vehicle. The listed nature of the building also meant that charging points could not be installed on its exterior walls. It is also within a conservation area meaning that the attractive appearance of the street had to be maintained and if possible, they wanted to avoid the requirement for planning permission.

Why was Connected Kerb chosen?

Regents Park Terrace directly awarded the contract to Connected Kerb to install the dual Geckos as they liked how the solution blended into the street scenery, preserving the appearance of the area.

They were also won over by the charging point design and the fact that it is made largely of recycled materials. They were attracted to the long-term operation and maintenance option whereby Connected Kerb will look after the charging points for a 15-year period with the operational cost sitting within the tariff. The durability of its charging points makes this long-term offering even more appealing, as does the ease of maintenance afforded by their modular design.

The easy-to-use app was also attractive as a hassle-free, seamless way of charging an electric vehicle with a straight-forward payment method. The lack of membership fees and subscription costs is also a unique selling point for users to sign up to the Connected Kerb network. Another key feature is that the charging points are future proof, able to support future technologies such as 5G, IOT and air quality sensors.

What the residents say:

Richard Rose, resident:

“The installation of Connected Kerb’s charging points has really made charging my electric vehicle so much more convenient. With no driveway and charging points nearby, I had to find charging points further away which was a bit of a hassle. Furthermore, the fact that they blend in with their surroundings means that the street still looks neat and tidy and of course it’s great news for air quality in the area.”

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