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Connected Kerb marks Clean Air Day

Clean air matters and we have to take action now.

Road transportation is a significant contributor to global emissions of greenhouse gases. Particulate pollution is increasingly recognised as causing chronic health problems. It is our mission to help to change this.

To accelerate the change to EVs it’s essential we make EV charging points affordable, sustainable, and accessible to all. This is how we are doing that:

We’re pledging to educate every community in the UK about the benefits of EVs. It’s critical we win the hearts and minds of all transport users in order to change habits and make massive EV uptake a reality.


For many in society, zero emission transport remains an unattractive option but now with the cost of EV’s falling and their performance rising the main reason for this is the lack of supporting infrastructure. We believe that around 400,000 charging points are needed to meet the demand created by the #2030 ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol cars.

Around 2 million will actually be needed if a full transition is to take place and that’s where we come in! We provide sustainable, long-life charging infrastructure to everyone who can’t charge their vehicles at home, regardless of where they live or their income.

In the UK, 60% of homeowners do not have access to off-street parking or are unable to install a home charging point. Furthermore, many EV’s are stationary for long periods of time and consequently at Connected Kerb we are focusing on delivering on-street residential charging infrastructure as well as deployment in what we’re calling long dwell locations - that means charges in workplaces or overnight in home charging facilities.

We’re not just calling for more charging points, we believe that equal access to EV’s for all is the only way that electric vehicles can make a significant contribution to net zero.

A greener lifestyle should not be financially onerous and that’s why Connected Kerb is undertaking projects on council estates to ensure that people from all socio-economic backgrounds can enjoy EV’s. It’s worth remembering that such areas often have the worst levels of toxic air quality that endanger the health of the people who live there.

Earlier this year we started another scheme, Agile Streets, designed to reduce the financial burden on EV users - where they’re able to charge their vehicle when energy is the cheapest so that is when renewable sources of energy like wind and solar are in surplus or when demand is low such as at night time.

Achieving net zero is the goal here and we all need to work collaboratively to make this vision a reality!

Today, on Clean Air Day, we are highlighting the importance of doing everything we can to boost air quality. Watch this video of our attendance at Barking Bikefest, an event run by Be First Regeneration Limited in partnership with London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. 

In Barking and Dagenham, we shall be installing 250 charging points with the aim of monitoring air quality, improving it and making EV charging affordable, sustainable and accessible to all.

Featuring our Account Director Claire Stribbling with thanks to Councillor Saima Ashraf for speaking to us.