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EV Infrastructure Focus Day & Ambassador Day


Connected Kerb hosted the EV Infrastructure Focus Day and Ambassador Day in London.

CEO Dr Chris Pateman-Jones introduced the EV Infrastructure Focus Day to a packed Fishmongers Hall calling for charging point operators to 'build an ecosystem' rather than be competitors.

He then kicked off a panel on public charging infrastructure joined by Charlie Allen of West Sussex County Council with whom we are working to install thousands of charging points over the next decade. Jonathan James at Surrey County Council also highlighted some of the challenges. 

Some of the key points of the event were:

  • Unlocking private investment is critical as government funding diminishes. Tenders should be not be written assuming grants will be available.

  • We must avoid the pitfalls of such an approach, for example, disparities in tariffs.

  • Dwell-time must be a major consideration of the EV solution both in charging point deployment and setting tariffs. Smart charging allows users the choice to charge when cheapest.

  • Long-term contracts are essential for providing certainty to investors and aligning provision with demand.

  • Safety and accessibility should not be compromised by over-innovation and taking shortcuts.

1655200335810Our Director of Sales and Partnerships Ryan Spillane (left, with mic) told the event that taking a holistic approach to fleet management is essential to ensuring your fleet is EV ready from site selection to power management.

Electrifying fleets will give the EV transition a headstart while the general public acclimatise to the evolution. 

Load balancing and smart charging are essential elements of electric fleet management, the audience also heard.

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Day 2, - the Ambassadors Day - saw our Head of Residential Isabel James and Account Director Ashleigh Braund host roundtables for residential developer and local authority EV charging respectively.