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Save money and hassle with Charging As A Service

Connected Kerb offers Charging as a Service (CaaS) on industrial and business park sites as a cost and time-saving way of deploying charging points. 

What is Charging As A Service? 

You may be familiar with ‘as a service’ business models for things like software, lighting or energy where you pay a subscription for what you are receiving.   

EV Charging as a Service (CaaS) is no different. You will receive a turnkey service which includes installation, monitoring and maintenance for a monthly subscription fee. 

What are the benefits of CaaS? 

  • Save money on those large initial equipment and installation costs 
  • Predict operational costs more easily giving you greater financial certainty. 
  • Choose a term that works for you. 
  • Remove the hassle of researching EV suppliers and getting install permissions 
  • Monitor charging point performance to protect your investment and optimise uptime. 
  • Access our full-service 24/7 customer support team. 

How does CaaS work? 

  • Connected Kerb surveys and proposes a bespoke CaaS strategy agreement for a fixed term. 
  • We install the infrastructure. 
  • Charging points are then activated as required and we operate and maintain the charging network to customers’ bespoke and flexible strategy 


How does CaaS work for a new build?  

We can install our enabling infrastructure – that means the charging point will be ready but not active until it is required. 

How can CaaS help serve a retrofit?  

We can install active charging points straight away meaning they are ready to use immediately 

How does CaaS work for a business park or other commercial enterprise with tenants? 

We can install our enabling infrastructure which lies dormant until you agree a deal with your tenant – like you do for broadband – at which point we activate the service based on an agreement with you, but based on your tenant’s needs.