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Watts Up?...With Beth Stavert

June's edition of 'Watts Up?' meets Beth Stavert, one of our first every employees, shortly after Connected Kerb formed back in 2017.

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What does your role involve?

This is a new role for the company and for me, so I imagine it will continue to evolve as we grow. This year, the role has really centred around building foundations; things like designing and implementing an onboarding process, creating a company newsletter and other company content, designing and introducing an appraisal process, plus organising events to bring the team together.

The major piece of work, though, has been around developing our company values based on input from the whole team, and the next half of the year will be focused on gathering feedback, ensuring those values are filtered through into our day-to-day, and putting in a plan for next year – plus, building out our internal communications function to match our growth!

I am also apparently Peter Howe’s PA.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

It is incredibly varied. There's always lots of different projects going on, often simultaneously, and I get to use my creativity and have a bit of a laugh along the way. I like seeing all the pieces come together, and I'm learning all the time in this role. I really enjoy focussing my energy internally across the business. It's rewarding for me to see people enjoying their time working here. 

What is the biggest challenge in your role?

This is probably what I like most about it too, which is, we're often starting things from scratch. We're a young company in a relatively new sector; there has been no existing path to follow, no structures or systems already set up, it's been very 'work it out as you go along'. I've learnt to really enjoy that part of it. It has certainly been challenging at times, but that's what keeps it interesting. 

Why did you join Connected Kerb?

I needed a job to sustain my move to London! I had just arrived from New Zealand and thought I’d only be here for two-years. A Kiwi recruiter called Matt Duffy called me and said, “I’ve got a start-up company whose Founders are looking for someone to come in and help them. I think a Kiwi will do well here” – I thought, ‘this sounds super vague, I like it’. My role started as general 'support' and corralling of Founders to Communications to where I am now... four years down the line!

I’ve stayed because this company is truly trying make lasting, positive impact. It’s made up of people who really care about doing good, well – and it’s not boring! It’s been a great ride so far – and I feel privileged that I’ve been given the space to grow with the company.

How would you describe Connected Kerb in three words.

Unconventional, zealous, genuine.