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Watts Up?...With Lynne Toogood

Lynne is the Chief Operating Officer at Connected Kerb, joining in November 2021. Lynne is overseeing a number of critical operations projects but also oversees our social value work.

Headshot - Lynne Toogood

What made you want to join Connected Kerb? 

Without a doubt it was Connected Kerb's commitment to sustainability, social value and innovation – areas that are critical components of business today.
How would you describe working at Connected Kerb to your friends and family? 

Like any growing business, there is lots to do and it’s all hands on deck - I love that people always lean across when someone needs help. There's also a great current of humour that runs through every interaction and people work hard without taking themselves too seriously.

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

Having the mandate to bring different teams together to solve some tricky problems and make real, positive change.

What do you enjoy least about your role? 

Hmmm...maybe the 4am start before heading up to London but when I get there, I get to enjoy the wonderful vibrancy of Soho .

Why do you think women are so under-represented in the EV industry and how can we get more women involved? 

EV is just a subset of engineering as a whole and like most technical fields, opportunities and encouragement has to start in school with girls at school.  That said, there is a huge opportunity to support people to retrain as they return to work after family leave and a need to have more flexible work schedules that makes opportunities available to a wider range of talent.

In three words how would you describe Connected Kerb as a business. 

Innovative, fun, grafters!