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Watts Up?...With Ryan Spillane

February's edition of 'Watts Up?' meets Ryan Spillane, Director of Partnerships and Channels, who joined us in July 2021.


What does your role involve?

It's pretty wide-ranging but to start with partnerships, finding like-minded businesses focused on sustainability where our services complement each other is extremely important.

This allows us to offer ever-broadening services to our clients and make the most effective impact on our core aim of sustainability. These partnerships can range from roaming agreements to IoT businesses right through to car clubs.

These types of partnerships mean we can make chargers more accessible, turn EV charging into enablers for smart cities and reduce congestion. I could go on and on, as the list of partners gets more diverse week on week. In the eMobility space collaboration is vital, the more we work together the greater the opportunity for innovation and accessibility.

With my other hat on, I also look after the Commercial and Residential. Commercial and Residential is a diverse spectrum of potential opportunities from Business Parks and Fleet right through to charging in mixed dwellings and new developments which keeps us busy!

This is a high growth area at Connected Kerb and the engineered longevity and sustainability originally designed for the on-street scenario that founded the business, allows us to offer something different and needed vs the rest of competition. I’m lucky to be surrounded by a dedicated and knowledgeable team which is the reason it’s a fast-growing element of the business!

Oh and a dusting of International Business Development, helping the team with some of the knowledge I have picked up along the way!

What do you most enjoy about your role?

Knowing I am working towards positive change, that is the core of what makes the role enjoyable. I am a firm believer that we should leave the world in a better place than we found it and that is something we are working towards as a team.

What is the biggest challenge in your role?

Keeping pace with an ever-changing industry. A year in the eMobility space is the same as two years in any other industry. You have to take time to keep up to speed otherwise you get left behind pretty swiftly! But that challenge is also the key part that keeps you motivated.

Why did you join Connected Kerb?

In my opinion, Connected Kerb are tackling the issue of charging in the public realm in the correct way. The products are created sustainably and engineered to last which is what infrastructure needs to do. We make sure that chargers are accessible, working with charities to consider the needs of all and we also invest in innovations to drive down the cost of charging to make sure we aren’t in a position where those fortunate enough to have off-street parking pay dramatically less than those who don’t!

Collectively those reasons are why I joined Connected Kerb. It's not only about driving the UK’s adoption of EV’s but making sure that it’s done in a way that considers all of society.

How would you describe Connected Kerb in three words.

Innovative, Sustainable and Enjoyable.