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Watts Up?...With Simon Kelly

March's edition of Watts Up? features Simon Kelly, our Supply Chain Manager, who joined Connected Kerb in September 2021.

Simon Kelly
What does your role involve?

The essence of my role is to develop and monitor Connected Kerb's supply chain strategy. The key objectives are to improve productivity, efficiency and reduce costs while securing high quality material.   

What do you most enjoy about your role?


Having a  blend of tactical and strategic objectives enables me to influence the whole shape of material supply and delivery. I love having the opportunity to work with all the various teams to achieve the short and long term goals of the business.  


What is the biggest challenge in your role?


The incredible growth opportunities that Connected Kerb have provided many challenges in the current climate as we face extending lead times on material and increasing costs across all industries. The landscape has been changed considerably as a result of COVID-19 and the logistical impact of Brexit.


Why did you join Connected Kerb?


The opportunity to be part of the success story that is Connected Kerb is compelling. The ethical and sustainable approach to business is very refreshing and I have genuinely not felt this motivated and focused for quite a while.


How would you describe Connected Kerb in three words

Insightful, Dedicated, Inspirational!