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Experience & expertise

Our team is comprised of infrastructure specialists with a wealth of experience in managing hyper-growth and mass roll-out.

  • Experts in transport infrastructure, management, finance and banking, and data management
  • Deep knowledge of the EV ecosystem, transport and mobility, and optimisation

Our diverse range of backgrounds and experience is complemented, we would like to think, with just the right amount of charisma, passion and wit.

Meet the team

Headshot - Brad Abraham 1 (4)-min

Brad Abraham

CAD Draughter


Tariq Arafa

PR & Comms Manager

Paul-Ayres 1-min

Paul Ayres


Headshot - Ben Boutcher-West-1 1-min

Ben Boutcher-West

Chief Digital Officer

Headshot - Ashleigh Braund-1 1-min

Ashleigh Braund

Account Director

Headshot - Mitch Burgess-1 1-min

Mitch Burgess

Delivery Manager


Mandy Chong

Project Office Manager


Richard Clements


Giovanna Coelho 1-min

Giovanna Coelho

Marketing Executive


Gareth Cooper

Client Marketing Manager

Belinda Cotter 1-min

Belinda Cotter

Delivery and Operations Manager

Headshot - Nick Dobie-1 1-min

Nick Dobie


Headshot - George Donoghue 1-min

George Donoghue

Chief Technical Officer

James Douglas 1-min

James Douglas

Account Manager

Tony Dunn 1-min

Tony Dunn

Head of Product Engineering


Ali El-Saadany

Data Science Lead

Headshot - Adam Gentry-1 1-min

Adam Gentry

Quantity Surveyor

Headshot - Jamie Grindrod 1-min

Jamie Grindrod

Account Director

Headshot - Jack Hailstone-1 1-min

Jack Hailstone

Account Manager

Headshot - Peter Howe-1 1-min

Pete Howe


Danny Kamel 1-min

Danny Kamel

Senior Product Manager

Simon Kelly 1-min

Simon Kelly

Supply Chain Manager

Headshot - Nathan King-1 1-min

Nathan King

Head of Operations


Yuliya Kozak

Project Coordinator


Neil Lightowler

Project Manager

Pardeep Lota 1-min

Pardeep Lota

Procure 2 Pay Manager

Headshot - Craig McDermott -1 1-min

Craig McDermott

National Installations Manager

Geraldine-Michel 1-min

Geraldine Michel

Chief Marketing Officer


Sam Monson

CRM & Automation Manager


Liz Murphy

Operations Support Coordinator

connectedStaff09221236 (1)

Esther Obisesan

Project Coordinator

Headshot - Martin Offiah-1 1-min

Martin Offiah

Brand Ambassador

Stellina Papachristou 1-min

Stellina Papachristou

Head of Demand Generation

Chris Pateman Jones Headshot

Chris Pateman-Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Ponsford 1-min

Tom Ponsford

Installations Manager

stephen-richardson 1-min

Stephen Richardson


Headshot - Lawrence Slade 1-min

Lawrence Slade

Non-Executive Director

Headshot - Ben Smith-1 1-min

Ben Smith

Delivery Manager

Roz Smith

Roz Smith

Project Manager

Ryan-Spillane 1-min

Ryan Spillane

Director of Sales & Partnerships


Beth Stavert

Internal Communications & Culture Lead

Headshot - Victor Tawse 1-min

Victor Tawse

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot-Lynne-Toogood 1-min

Lynne Toogood

Chief Operating Officer

Headshot - Alex Treharne-1 1

Alex Treharne

Product Designer

Richard Turnbull

Richard Turnbull

Head of Innovation


Susanne Knorr

Digital Product Owner

Paul Wilkinson 1-min

Paul Wilkinson

Account Director



Helen Woods 1-min

Helen Woods

Financial Controller



Headshot - Aaron Yule-1 1-min

Aaron Yule

Operations Manager