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West Sussex Chargepoint Network

See our latest chargepoint locations on the map:

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  Available Chargepoints

   Screenshot 2023-02-15 112601

  Chargepoints coming in 2023

New proposed locations announced soon

Proposed On Street EV Chargepoint Locations s

As part of the initial on-street phases of the West Sussex Chargepoint Network, we are planning to install new public chargepoints in your local area as illustrated in the accompanied map.  Zoom in to view the locations in more detail.

The project is fully funded by Connected Kerb meaning zero cost to the councils and will be particularly beneficial to EV users without off-street parking. 

This is the first planned phase of roll-out of the project and we are planning to install many more chargepoints in additional areas over the next few years.

The new proposed locations in phase two of the on-street electric vehicle (EV) chargepoint rollout in West Sussex will be revealed soon. 

If you have any questions or comments, please email EVchargepoints@westsussex.gov.uk

Residents, help us map out the network!

Help us plan a network that works for you and share your view of where chargepoints should be located across West Sussex. Although we cannot guarantee that a chargepoint will be installed in the location suggested, it will help us map demand and plan for EV charging in West Sussex.

Register your interest
Giving you the confidence to go electric

How can I start using the chargepoints?

1. Using the Connected Kerb App

  • Download the app
  • Register
  • Enter your payment method
  • Scan the QR code that's on the chargepoint to start & stop a session

2. The magical RFID card

What is an RFID card? You probably have a few already handy in your wallet ready to be used! (e.g: your employee access card, travel card, a supermarket reward card or fob)

  • Download our app
  • Register your card in the app
  • Enter your payment method
  • Tap the card on the charger’s reader to start & stop the session

Don't have an RFID card? Fill out this form to order one.

Download the Connected Kerb app now to locate chargepoints and start charging!

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For any questions, please contact info@connectedkerb.co.uk or call 0800 0291 696

FAQ Residents

What is the West Sussex Chargepoint Network?

Connected Kerb, West Sussex County Council, Adur and Worthing District Councils, Arun District Council, Crawley Borough Council, Horsham District Council, Chichester District Council, and Mid Sussex District Council have formed a partnership to provide a new chargepoint network across West Sussex.

Together the partners will be working together to install thousands of chargepoints across the county within the next ten years, forming the new West Sussex Chargepoint Network. This ambitious scheme will give West Sussex residents the confidence to go electric in time for the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles in 2030.  

Who are Connected Kerb?

Connected Kerb are one of the UK’s leading charging point providers, delivering future-proof, cost-effective and sustainable EV charging solutions for the public sector, developers, fleets, workplaces, car parks and other organisations to help accelerate the transition to EVs for all. Its unique solution combines power and data at the kerb to deliver user-friendly and reliable charging and provide the foundation for connected cities and communities. 

How do I request a chargepoint at a required location?

Residents can let the us know where they would like chargepoints to be located by using an online form. 

We cannot guarantee that a chargepoint will be installed in the location you suggest, but it will help us map demand and plan the future for EV charging in West Sussex. 

Who is funding installation and maintenance of the chargepoints?

The contract with Connected Kerb is a 100% concession contract, meaning that West Sussex County Council and other partners are not required to contribute any funding towards this project. Where there are national grant schemes for chargepoint installations, the partnership will aim to utilise these where applicable.  

What speed are the chargers?

The charging speed is 7kW to 22kW or 50kW. In some locations, this might be limited due to output capacity.

How long will it take to charge my car?

Please note: the time it takes to charge depends on the car battery size which can vary greatly. 
Our 7kW chargers can take on average 9-10 hours to fully charge, while our 22kW will take around 4-5 hours. Rapid chargers take around 1,5 to 3 hours to fully charge.


Example of typical charging times for a Renault Zoe Z.E.50 R110 (Zap Map charging guide).



Rapid 50kW
Fast 22kW
Fast 7kW
Slow 3kW
45 mins
2.3 hours
7 hours
17 hours

What cables do I need?

For fast chargepoints (7-22kW), you need your own cable with a Type 2 connector.  No cable is required for the rapid chargers which are fitted with tethered cables.

How do I find a chargepoint once they are installed?

You can download the Connected Kerb app via the Appstore or Google Play to locate chargepoints near you and start charging. 

You can also find Connected Kerb chargepoints points on Zap-Map by using the network filter. 

How does the Connected Kerb App work?

Using the Connected Kerb App, you can either: 

- Locate and tap the QR code icon that’s in the middle & at the bottom of the app. 

- Locate the QR code icon on the Connected Kerb label that’s on the charging point. 

- Position the icon within your camera frame and the charging session will start when the LED turns blue. 

- To stop charging, tap “stop charging” in the app and the LED will turn green. 


- Enter the 4-digit ID number located on the Connected Kerb label in the search bar at the top of the app, the LED will turn blue.  

- To stop charging, tap “stop charging” in the app and the LED will turn green 


How much does it cost to use the chargepoints?

We charge no membership or connection fees.  

From 1 June 2022, our tariff will be 35p per kWh.

How is this calculated?  
Simple: the combination of power and our fee to cover operation and maintenance is the tariff that you will pay per kWh.   

What should I do if I have problems using a chargepoint?

Please call our customer support at 0800 0291 696, we will be happy to assist. Most problems encountered can be fixed remotely 

I live in a busy street without access to off-street parking – will there be enough chargepoints for everyone?

There are plans to roll out a network in sufficient numbers which will allow residents to transition to electric vehicles. The objective is to have one charger within 500m of their homes. 

Finding a parking space can be tricky where I live. Are there plans to create ‘charging car parks’?

It is the intention of West Sussex to facilitate the transition to EVs, there will be an increased number of electric vehicles which will replace petrol and diesel cars and therefore it is important to install charge points for residents without off street parking. Some additional bays will also be created in car parks.

Who is responsible for maintaining the chargepoints?

Connected Kerb will be responsible for maintaining the chargepoints throughout the duration of the partnership. We are aware there are a small number of chargepoints in partners car parks that are not working and are obsolete. We plan to replace these.

Will chargepoints limit the use of the pavements by pedestrians?

Highway design guidance will be followed to ensure that pavement width will remain usable by all pedestrians if a chargepoint is installed on the pavement.

Will the chargepoints in West Sussex be accessible for disabled drivers?

Councils in West Sussex are working closely with Connected Kerb to offer accessible charge points and bays, either on a shared use or disabled bays only. 

How can I monitor the air quality in my neighbourhood?

You can visit this page: https://airly.org/map/en/ 

Where can I read your Terms and Conditions?

You can access our Terms and Conditions here: Terms and Conditions 

About the UK's largest council-led EV charging project West Sussex Chargepoint Network Logo

Connected Kerb, West Sussex County Council, Adur and Worthing District Councils, Arun District Council, Crawley Borough Council, Horsham District Council, Chichester District Council, and Mid Sussex District Council have formed a partnership to provide a new chargepoint network across West Sussex. 

The partners are working together to install thousands of chargepoints across the county within the next ten years, forming the new West Sussex Chargepoint Network. This ambitious scheme will give West Sussex residents the confidence to go electric in time for the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles in 2030.  

The partnership wants to deliver chargepoints in locations that work best for residents on streets and in council car parks. To do so, the partnership continues to collaborate closely with residents to assess where there is demand for chargepoints and community landowners to identify opportunities at community facilities across the county and find out where they would like to see chargepoints.

Community landowners, register your interest

The West Sussex chargepoint network aspires to work in partnership with all community landowners to provide a comprehensive and cohesive solution on public land. Learn more about how to register your interest & how you can get involved in the UK's largest council-led EV charging project, and much more.

Learn more

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